Primary Updates For September

PrimupdateseptIn the Primary classroom, we have started our Community Helpers unit! We have been talking about and reading about different helpers in our community and what they do to contribute. We have already had Eva’s mom volunteer to come in and talk to the children about being a nurse. If any of you are in a “Community Helper” role, please let us know if you’d like to come in and talk to the kids! (Police, firefighter, garbage collector, vet, doctor, construction worker, paramedic, etc.)

We also have been wrapping up our apple lessons. We also got to try several different apples (provided by Autumn Bruner, Linden’s mom–thank you!) and talk about the different tastes and textures. I even learned that I really like cripps pink apples! I had no idea!

Lastly, I hope those of you who have never attended a “Montessori in the Home” night in the past, I hope you can join us on the 18th at 6:00! For new families, it is usually a very helpful and eye opening experience as to what you can do in the home for your own child to build their independence, concentration and confidence!